GigaPX2Pano 2.0

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GigaPX Tools

GigaPX2Pano converts your gigapixel images into a set of small image files compatible with the following browser viewers: PanoJS3, OpenSeadragon (Deep Zoom format), OpenZoom (deprecated), and Zoomify (js viewer not included. Please download it from Zoomify website).

The program can read three of the most used file formats for gigapixel images: RAW, TIFF/bigTIFF and KRO. Images must have 8-bit color depth.

Share your huge images with the world easily. Just a few clicks and you are ready to go online.

Learn more, download the user manual.

Choose your edition

GigaPX2Pano is distributed in three different editions : Free, Lite and Professional. The Free version is free both for personal and commercial use. See the table below for the differences between the versions.

Max image side dimension (width or height)1,000,000 pixel1,000,000 pixel100,000,000 pixel
Max image size1.0 gigapixel1.6 gigapixelNo limits
Can select the destination directoryNONOYES
Can select the resizing filterNONOYES
Can change the Jpeg quality of the tilesNOYESYES
OpenSeadragon (Deep Zoom)YESYESYES
Price----€ 9.90€ 35.00

GigaPX2Pano is for Windows only.


GigaPX2Pano screenshot 1