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GigaPX Tools Lite € 19.90
GigaPX Tools Professional € 60.00
GigaPX2Pano Lite € 9.90
GigaPX2Pano Professional € 35.00
GigaPX Tools Pro + GigaPX2Pano Pro
€ 74.90

Quantity discounts : 3 to 5 save 10% - 6 to 9 save 15% - 10 to 14 save 20% - 15 to 19 save 25% - 20 or more : contact us.

The license is valid for all future minor versions of the program (2.x). Major version upgrades will be available with special discounts.

The license allows you to use the program on one computer at a time. Multiple installs for use by the same person are fine.

The activation code will be sent automatically after the payment process to the email used with PayPal transaction.

Registered users will receive lifetime support via email for free.

GigaPX Tools and GigaPX2Pano are for Windows only.

paypal PayPal only accepted. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact us.